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Welcome to Healing Nutrition. I’m Hazel, a qualified holistic nutritionist with a passion for healthy food, personal health and a calling to help those who are tired of feeling unwell.

Through my own health awareness journey, I have learnt to make changes to the food I eat and my lifestyle. I have made a commitment to change. It hasn’t always been easy with a few tears here and there but it has been so worth it. Find out more about Hazel.

Do any of the points below sound familiar to you?

  • You wake up tired without any energy no matter how much sleep you get.
  • You feel overworked and stressed.
  • Distressing and embarrassing digestive problems happen all too often.
  • You’ve been diagnosed with an autoimmune condition and you don’t know what to do.
  • PMT and peri-menopausal symptoms make you miserable.
  • General aches, pains or skin disorders are a part of daily life.
  • Do you have trouble maintaining your ideal weight?
  • Are you confused about nutrition due to conflicting information?

If any of these resonate then you have come to the right place.

Commitment is the key to success in any new venture. When you are committed you will do what it takes rather than what is convenient – Adapted from John Assaraf.

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