About Hazel – Why I Became a Clinical Nutritionist

At the age of five I was admitted to hospital with stomach pains. Nobody knew what was wrong with me. I stopped eating breakfast at an early age because it made me feel sick. Oranges and anything sweet upset my digestion. Of course, I loved anything sweet. Coke wasn’t freely available at home but I spent my pocket money on a coke a day for years. Nobody told me it was bad for me. I ended up with lots of fillings in my teeth.

In my teens, I was always tired and regularly needed an afternoon nap after school. In my early 20s I was anaemic and tired. My day started with caffeine and a cigarette. In my late 20s I experienced a life changing event and this together with a stressful corporate job impacted my health. However, being young I was able to bounce back relatively well, or so I thought. In my 30s I had a bout of glandular fever. That’s when I visited my first naturopath, because I felt so exhausted, and that was where my health journey began.

Continual bouts of general unwellness and not being able to get out of bed led me to make a real commitment to making health changes to my lifestyle. I started to eat healthy whole foods, practiced meditation and yoga to help me overcome adrenal fatigue and gut issues. This sparked a real interest in nutrition and I decided to give up radiography and study nutrition so that I could help others on their health journeys.

Interests as a Nutritionist

  • Autoimmune conditions (my husband has coeliac disease and my mother has Hashimoto’s), so I have a very personal interest in these.
  • Children’s health
  • Food sensitivities
  • General fatigue
  • Gut disorders (irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhoea and more)
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