Inspired Wellness Programme

This programme includes the Nutrition and Wellness Consultation, Report of Findings and Treatment Plan, three Follow-up Consultations and appropriate email support as outlined below.

Nutrition and Wellness Consultation

We will begin with a 60 minute consultation is to get to know you and to gather information about your health and wellbeing. To further help me understand your health needs, I may wish to do some tests during this consultation. These tests may include a body composition assessment, blood pressure, zinc levels, adrenal and thyroid function as well as tongue, nail and facial analysis.

Using all of this information I will then provide you with a personalised mini treatment strategy. This will include an explanation of the possible root causes of your health issues and an outline of nutritional and lifestyle recommendations to improve your health and wellbeing.  I may also suggest some supplements and further testing at this stage.

Report of Findings and Treatment Plan

While you are implementing the personalised mini treatment strategy from our first consultation. I will assess your case in greater depth and put together a detailed report of findings. This report will explain your health concerns in more detail. It will also incorporate findings from the testing done at our first consultation and any further testing that we agreed to.

I will provide a comprehensive treatment plan to address the areas touched on in this report. This treatment plan will include a weekly meal plan and recipes suggestions based on your needs and will be presented to you in writing during a 45 minute consultation. Remember, this Report of Findings is a working document that can be referred to at any time during your health journey.

Three Follow-up Consultations

You will have four to six weeks to implement your treatment plan before your first follow-up. Two further appointments will then be booked at roughly two to four week intervals. These follow-ups will give us plenty of opportunity to review and adjust your treatment plan.

Email Support

It is normal to have questions and hopefully we will address these during our consultations. If you need further support and are unable to get the answers you need on my website or through your own research, I am happy to give you a quick answer to your question/s. Email your questions to me and I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. If your question needs further research or needs a detailed answer, this is something I may prefer to cover at our next consultation.


  • 60 minute Nutrition and Wellness Consultation
  • Relevant testing
  • Mini treatment strategy
  • Research and writing up of report of findings and treatment plan, based on the Nutrition and Wellness Consultation and any further test results obtained
  • Meal plan and recipes
  • 45 minute appointment to present Report of Findings and Treatment Plan
  • 3 follow-up consultations to assess progress
  • Appropriate email support

Investment: $510 (Value $630)

Make a Commitment

Hazel consults in Havelock North, via Skype and by phone. Please choose which suites you best from the options below:

Please note that these programmes do not include any supplements or recommended tests. Additional time for reviewing tests or answering questions will be charged separately. Prices are subject to change and any revised pricing will be published here on this website.