Healing Nutrition Success Stories

I first started seeing Hazel around a year ago. At that point in my life, my health had gone extremely down hill – with no help from any doctor.  I had extreme gut issues, I was in constant pain, could barely eat, even water made me feel sick which led to mood swings and severe fatigue. This carried on for about 2 and half years – until I met Hazel. Hazel could see what kind of state I was in, sat down and talked over everything with me, and since that day, has offered me nothing but help and support. Hazel was able to assist me with getting the right testing my body needed, helped with diagnoses, intolerances and put together a treatment programme. Her determination and support to get me back on track amazed me. Today, I feel better than I ever have and this is all thanks to Hazel. Even when I wanted to give up, Hazel pushed and encouraged me to let me know that I soon, will feel better. I still have regular catch ups with Hazel and she is always checking in on me. As I said, her support is like no other and I know if it was not for her, I would not be where I am today. If you are needing help with any issues, I can not recommend her enough.

Kristina – Hawke’s Bay

I first started seeing Hazel in April this year after experiencing digestive problems (excess wind) and suffering from headaches mid-morning if my breakfast lacked sufficient protein. Hazel was very caring, professional, knowledgeable and thorough, and I liked her holistic approach. She diagnosed a blood-sugar imbalance and prepared a treatment plan which included lifestyle changes. Nothing was too much trouble for Hazel and I believe she always went the extra mile. Now my digestive problems and headaches have disappeared and I am once again in control of my body instead of my body being in control of me.

Jill – Hawke’s Bay

I highly recommend Hazel. Our 18 month old boy was catching colds plus bronciolitis, and was ill more than he was well. After the initial consultation we were placed on a dietary plan that has improved his and our quality of life.

Natasha – Hawke’s Bay

I first starting seeing Hazel just over a year ago. I was feeling extremely sluggish and was constantly bloated. On top of that, my blood pressure was slowly creeping up and if it continued, my doctor was going to prescribe me pills for high blood pressure. I was very impressed with Hazel’s thoroughness and genuine concern to get me well again. I found her to be very knowledgeable, especially in areas of thyroid issues and autoimmune diseases. Hazel identified my health issues and prepared a treatment plan for me to follow. After following the plan, and with Hazel’s guidance, I am no longer bloated and I have more energy. My blood pressure has dropped and, as an added bonus, I lost 10 kilos. Thank you Hazel.

Alison – Havelock North

Thanks Hazel, I have been to nutritionists before but never had the amount of medical information relating to me detailed like this, I really appreciate your knowledge.

Karen – Hastings

I appreciate the comprehension report and work you have put in. Amazingly thorough. The process with you has been easy.

Rachel – Hastings

Hazel was our last resort in the treatment of our 5 year old’s eczema and I wish she had been our first! Hazel has successfully dealt with the cause of our sons eczema, instead of throwing steroids and emollients at us and sending us on our way! She was genuinely interested and spent a lot of energy in getting to know not only her patient but our family’s way of life. At times it was difficult, but we were well supported during her treatment plan, and in the gentle transition to a different diet. Hazel was easily accessible and encouraging. Now, no more eczema and our son is a much happier lad! Thanks Hazel xx.

Jessie – Hawke’s Bay

I began working with Hazel in April of this year. I sought help from Hazel as I had difficulty with lack of energy, my blood sugars were not balanced and I had plateaud with my weight loss. I also had signs of arthritis developing in my hands. Hazel was very professional and courteous throughout our contact. She clearly and fully explained all information and recommendations she gave me. She monitored my progress with me and was very supportive. As a result of our work together I have managed to stabilise my blood sugars, feel satiated and have lost 16kg in five months and not put the weight back on. I am very grateful to Hazel and thank her for her professional and personal approach.

Jo – Wellington